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The realm is plagued by scaley invaders as they seek to reclaim the lands of Southern Vale, whilst to the north a great hunt has begun for a fabled artifact of legend. The Synod struggles to hold back the increasing waves of undeath that continue to crawl and scrape their way out from the earth of Nyatt. Bright flashes of light can be seen penetrating the clouds on the Isle of Celeste and a creature shrouded in darkness has awoken deep within the dwarven depths of Gimlar. However oracles and soothsayers speak of darker beings yet to be born unto the Lands of Vale, creatures that threaten the very fabric of the world itself.

Only the brave and righteous can hope to protect the lands of Vale and restore the realms to their former glorious prominence. Has the call finally be heard? Whispers speak of a group of adventurers emerging from the lands of Karameikos, an elf, a bard, a woman of the sands and a chosen of Gilean. Will this group of companions take up the flaming sword of the north and do battle in its name or will the realm be cloaked in a second darkness. The pieces have been set and now begin to move around the board, but who will be the victor and who will lose everything.

Ornate line 19

Valen Lore

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