The Elven Nations

‘…the skies ruptured and the earth shook as the seeds of Shinare fell from the heavens. On this day the first elves awoke from their dreams and were torn from their earthen womb to walk amongst their mortal cousins…’

The Elvish nations have been divided across the realms since long ages past. Many fail to acknowledge their kin and as such there are deep seated rivalries between clans. In the beginning all elves were created equally, they all worshiped the same deities and tread the same paths. However the supposed death of their mother maker Shinare and the events that unfolded during the Age of Silence made many elves begin to doubt their unity and purpose.
Many turned to other Gods for aid and protection. Fearing that their prayers were no longer being listened to. Others decided that the path of peace could no longer be upheld and began to forge keen blades and arrows from their grief. Elf-kind put down their hunting bows and took up arcing scimitars and long spears. During this period elves began to explore arcane lore further, producing spells of destruction and creation that could be used to defend their cities. Great towers were build so that magic could be cultivated and manipulated.
The Elders began to fear that their once great and humble nation was being torn apart by the terror that surrounded them and decided that no longer could they be unified under one banner.
On this day the elves forged new destinies.

The Five Houses.

The Silvanesti

The Qualinesti

The Dargonesti

The Eilshee

The Fa’ av’ calar

The Elven Nations

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