Valen Lore

For Each an Ending

This ballad is in Memory of companions lost, but never forgotten.

For those we lose along the road,
Who made our lives the better,
Hold on to memories bestowed,
And words spoke, to the letter.
As though the wheel of time has passed,
For them it can’t unwind,
But knowledge that they had amassed,
Keep hold within your mind.
When struggle rears its ugly head,
And danger lurks around,
Those simple things that they had said,
Might keep you safe and sound.
No matter what our fates may hold,
One day we’re all transcending,
So treasure words, make sure they’re told,
For each will have an ending.

Written and performed by Lord Gabriel of Valenport, Bard exraordinaire.,

The Stallenford Sonnet

The Stallenford Sonnet

Whilst we sit by the hearth as the evening grows Cold,
I bring tales of glory! Adventurers bold!
So sit in the glow of our warm winter fire,
and learn of the brave souls whom evil doth Ire.
A tale that began back in old Stallenford,
Orcs in the night, a kidnap by the hoarde,
A priest that was stolen at dark in the vale,
A ransom and pillage, if they were to fail.
Their steely eyed warrior sought tracks in the black,
to lead to the source of the foul orc attack,
So onwards they strode to the mouth of the cave,
with spell and with steel and with song bold and brave!
Our heroes forged onwards, the Orcs they did fall,
With blade they wrought justice, with fire cleansed all!
They came to the chieftain whose eyes blazed a’red,
and painted his throne with the blood of the dead!
Though safe was our priest he said ’Not all is done,
an evil lurks here, one that must be undone!’
So down into darkness now did they descend,
to put right the wrong so the balance could mend.
Down in the depths lurked the creatures of night,
Pale ghosts of the living, an unholy blight,
They came at our heroes with cursed tooth and claw,
but soon put to rest as the dead should once more.
A Dark priest remained, chaos was his goal,
’twas he that raised horrors devoid of a soul,
The battle fought hard but our heroes prevailed,
the village was saved and the evil derailed!
The heroes claimed riches beyond wildest dreams,
but found there a letter, of further such schemes!
A body been tortured, a message to hear,
bound for the wizard, to old Korvanquir.
So off to the mountains our heroes did trek,
to Korvanquir’s manor, his safety to check,
the going was rough due to giant attack,
but never, oh never, would our heroes turn back!
Once there did they find that the wizard was dead,
but his passing was peaceful, asleep in his bed.
His nephew did ask that they helped him retrieve,
the families heirlooms ’fore plans could conceive.
So into the old wizards haven descend,
’twas filled with magics, guardians till the end,
but secrets abundant were treasured with awe,
and safely recovered the crown and the sword.
But all was not well in the wizards abode,
a break in, those villains they stole all the gold!
It seemed it was part of a much larger force,
An army had gathered, evil was its course.
Urgent was the quest so they set out with haste,
to the keep on the mount’ where the evil was placed,
there dwelt a cruel woman with heart made of stone,
who’s aim was to conquer the land and the throne.
With skill did our heroes creep over the walls,
and into the baroness’ very own halls,
they fought against legions of mercenary might,
and nearly they perished that very same night!
But bravely they fought to the lady herself,
and battle ensued, one by one, heroes fell,
Till sorceress struck out with spell-summoned flame,
and so did they live to adventure again!
The heroes searched through for her plans, gold and more,
they heard guards a-slamming upon the great door,
for whilst they did cut of the head of the snake,
it seemed that not killing all guards, a mistake.
Time was a-fleeting, the door would not hold,
with no strength left to battle the army that called,
they sought to escape and they needed to fast!
And then just in time found an odd looking-glass.
Upon it were symbols and runes very ancient,
that called to the mystic and Mage oh so patient,
He called it a portal, a gateway of sorts,
and so they escaped, but to where, any thoughts?

Written and performed by Gabriel of Valenport, Bard extraordinaire


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