Raven Hand Crossbow

A small ebony hand-crossbow styled into a raven.

weapon (ranged)

Materwork weapon: +1 to hit
Ammo Type: Bolts
Damage: 1d4

This exquisite ebony hand-crossbow has been lovingly crafted into the shape of a raven in flight. Each feather has been intricately carved into the dark wood, and stained with black varnish. This weapon is certainly fit for those that enjoy more flamboyant fighting styles, and the masterwork quality grants a bonus to hit, as the ‘beak’ of the weapon creates the perfect sight.


This weapon is currently in use by the Bard, Gabriel. After finding it within the wizard Korvanquir’s dungeon, it has become his prized weapon. In fact the fit of this exquisite weapon to Gabriel’s impeccable fashion sense is uncanny, one would almost think it was fate for him to find it. In any case, whilst probably originally an ornamental piece, this weapon now see’s regular use, and is proving to be as exquisite in its combat ability as it is in its beauty.

Raven Hand Crossbow

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