Salem Brightlight

Elven Savage of the old world


A creature of the woods weathered by the cruelty of nature fighting with the spirit of a better world.

Class: Fighter
Race: Elven
Level: 3
Strength 18 (86% +2 +4)
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 11
Dexterity 18
Constitution 15
Charisma 8
AC 1
HP 17

Orphaned as a child and abandoned in the wild, Salem has had to bring him self up in the wild being taught the skills needed to survive. This life has warped his perspective of society and the cruelty of life. It has warped his civilised elven nature to a savage cutthroat attitude.

One day Salem encountered a lone grey robed man roaming within his woods running wildly from a search party from the nearby Wizards tower. Normally Salem would leave troubles like this well enough alone. But this man was no threat, he was defenceless like Salem once was all those years ago. A sudden act of valour came over Salem as he stepped to this grey robed man’s aide and defended him from his hunters. Even though they were both outnumbered Salem put up a pretty good fight. Alas they became overwhelmed but Salem fought on. Through sheer will power he seemed to hold back the hunters and drove them away. The robed man looked on to Salem with great curiosity as he never had seen a man hold back a gang with sheer will power. It was here that Salem and Dorian ‘Sagestaff’ formed a fellowship to journey the world staying true to each other and to fight for what they believe in.

Salem Brightlight

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