Philip Montigrue

An Inn Keeper who's fortune is about to change.


Dirt covered ochre clothes hang inordinately from his spindly frame. He is possessing of a kindly face but one that has aged far beyond his years. His jet black hair is scraped back across his head with grease, revealing patches of pale white skin.


Philip was born into a large family of brothers and sisters. However complications during birth caused his mother to bleed out and eventually die from blood loss. His father was burdened with a deep grief and the sole responsibility of caring for his remaining family. To escape his loss and responsibility Philip’s father spent much of his time working at the family Inn. However the pressure of providing for his sons and daughters swiftly overcame him until one morning his heart simply refused to continue its daily chore. Upon his death the Inn was passed down to his eldest son Zachary. He endeavoured to breath fresh life into the family business. However it was not long before he found himself trapped. A life of travelling provided an easy escape and so he left the City of Kelvin and his remaining siblings behind. By this time Philip had broken his early teens and with the support of his elder sister Flo, he took a firm grasp of the reins.

The Cumberbatch Inn lies in one of the poorer districts of Kelvin and so boasts very little in terms of opulence and quality. However the welcome is always warm to those with coin to spend. Philip one day dreams of establishing himself as one of the most successful business men in the entire city. But primarily he wishes to carry on his father’s dream and elevate the humble family Inn from the stinking pile of orc dung that it is now to a fine, respectable and most of all financially profitable establishment.

Philip Montigrue

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