Class: Fighter/Magic User
Age: 58
Race: Deepen Elf
Level: 2/2

Str 17 (+1+1)
Int 15
Wis 12
Dex 11
Con 14
Cha 11

Hp. 12
Ac. 8

This dark skinned elf is shrouded in mystery. Despite being modestly dressed in a set of tattered and torn robes Melkor is still an imposing figure. A jewelled dagger and an enchanted dwarven short sword hang at his side and words of magic rest upon his lips. His eyes glow with an illustrious pale green light as he stalks forward out of the shadows.


With the aid of an enchanted silver mirror Melkor successfully liberated himself from the Deepen Dungeons to find himself magically transported to a place far more dangerous than he would have liked. His fate had been spun perilously close to that of a lost party of destined adventurers. After managing to find his feet and also the trust of a couple companions it seemed freedom was nearly once again his. However it is not often that life grants second chances.

Melkor’s future was once again snatched cruelly from his grasp by the most unlikely of creatures. A Sheet Phantom. This disturbingly calculating creature of undeath sprung its trap. Falling from the ceiling atop the poor elf, it swiftly manoeuvred itself to smother the life out of him. In an attempt to vanquish the creature, his only recently acquainted companions attempted to plunge their blades into its flesh. Success! The Phantom was no more, but only then did they realise that in their haste to save their ally had they in fact sealed his fate. Melkor’s spirit was no more however the empty shell left behind clawed itself off the ground and launched itself at the elf Salem Brightlight. With lightning reflexes and devastating accuracy Salem’s silvery blade struck the ghoul, severing it’s head from it’s body.

His body was laid to rest where it fell after a brief sermon spoken by Dorian Sagestaff, a follower of Gilean.


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