Ibraham Nissad

A mysterious, tanned and somewhat imposing figure


This tall and terracotta skinned man is clothed in robes of saffron and ochre. His arms are decorated in swirling patterns of a dark brown dye and across his head are smeared distinct lines of earth. He walks bare foot across the ground and the soles of his feet appear to actually meld into the earth he walks on. He is decorated in various coloured glass beads and gems of various hue and shape which dangle down from his robes. He bears a gnarled wooden staff topped with some form of sling device made from cloth and from his belt hangs an intricately patterned pouch.

Ibrahim exudes a calming presence and a deeper understanding of those that he communicates with, even those he has never met before. He is well spoken, articulate and takes his time to form opinions. His motivations are as of yet a mystery but he seems determined and prepared to carry out his duty to the end.

Ibraham Nissad

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