Gabriel the Bold

'Ah yes, that reminds me of the time I....'


Class: Bard (Poet-Duelist)
Race: Half-elf
Level: 5

Str: 14
Int: 16
Wis: 10
Dex: 17 (+3 to attacks with a finesse weapon)
Con: 11
Cha: 17

AC: 5
HP: 20

Alignment: Neutral Good
Height: 5’11’’
Bend Bars: 7%
30% resistance to charm and sleep magic
60ft infravision


‘A lot of Charm and a poem of love my dear fellows. Those are the keys to a ladies bedchamber.’

If you were to ask Gabriel about his past, you would hear many stories of grandeur and of romance, yet in reality you would actually glean very little, if anything at all about him. In truth Gabriels past is a complicated one, and one that is largely forgotten. As a man that lives entirely in the present, it is unsurprising. But rest assured, if there is a song to sing, a tale to tell, and a maiden to rescue, Gabriel of Valenport will be found at the forefront.

Gabriel is a writer of songs and a serial chaser of women. His over exaggeration can cause more problems than he can shake a gold-pleated, fur-lined corset at, but nonetheless he has a way with words that leaves even the most well-to-do and upstanding ladies quivering at the knees. Charm is his main weapon and he wields it with the utmost precision, though it is also said his dueling abilities are also rather splendid, having been trained by the late Lord Davidian of the Great fencing college of Syrisce’.

Whatever his previous exploits, it cannot be denied that he has a deep knowledge of stately affairs and nobility. Not to mention an impeccable fashion sense.

Recent Affairs
Gabriel has recently taken to the use of a particular ebony raven hand-crossbow and hopes to combine this with his use of finesse blades such as the Rapier and Sabre. He has also discovered the benefits of a rousing song before or during battle upon his allies and seeks to hone this skill and other bardic talents.

Gabriel has recently started using the name ‘Sir Gabriel of Valenport’ in order to add to his already prodigous prestige and charming good looks. Tavern wenches can’t resist a good title. In addition after staring into the waters of the well, Gabriel has been entranced by a particular tune of possibly elven origin and aims to search for the source in earnest.

Gabriel the Bold

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