Dorian 'Sagestaff'

Mystic Follower of Gilean: DECEASED



Draped in the grey robes of knowledge and clenching tight the Libram of Infinite Knowledge, Dorian is simply a young apprentice in the academic ways of Gilian and the teachings of the greater knowledge.

Class: Mystic/Follower of Gilian
Race: Human
Level: 3
Strength 8
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 18
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Charisma 13
AC 8
HP 18

From his youth Dorian has always had a greater curiosity with life. He always had a thirst for asking one simple question; why? From simple times it seems that Gillian gifted the young one with the gift of wielding the arcane powers and thus begun the knowledge into they ways of magic and mysticism. His parents regretfully gave up their child to become the apprentice to a wizard willing to take up his services. Dorian believed that his dreams had come true, he would finally learn the ways of the arcane. However his master was a cruel and callous man. His mind was only driven towards selfish and greedy goals and seldom would he train up any of his apprentices. Any mistake that Dorian made was quickly punished. This Wizard seemed to steal knowledge away from the world for only himself to know. This was not the dream Dorian had wanted, he believed that all the greater knowledge deserved to be shared by all those willing to learn. So his studies of magic begun, with dorian sat alone in a cold quiet library, preying that one day he could master the mysteries of the arcane and share this with all of Triune. Then one day, whilst researching in the library something happened that would change his life forever.

Whispers began to chant within the library. At first this felt like nothing to the young mage, but then the chants became more hypnotic as they began to guide Dorian through the library. He wandered darker and darker into the forbidden shelves where only the master may have entered. This could have gotten Dorian killed, but a new found courage in his heart began to pulse as a piercing light made out of pure energy began to emanate within the dust settling around Dorian. Dorian did not know of what kind of magic could cause this to react in such a way and as he began to study the light floated towards a singular dusty tomb. As Dorian carefully tiptoed towards the book he gave a simple glance towards the book. A simple dusty old book. Nothing special. That can’t be it. So he began to clean the book and look through its pages. All empty. But then, the book began to change. The once dusty tomb began to transform into a great Liberam of knowledge, pure knowledge. This was it, all he ever dreamed of, suddenly a voice began to speak choosing Dorian to become one of the few. A follower of Gilian, his mission to take the book and travel the world in search for greater knowledge to share with the world. So he grabbed the book and fled the tower to begin his journeys has a follower of Gilian.

Dorian 'Sagestaff'

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