Ariana Brightmantle

A lithe Elven woman, with hair the colour of autumn leaves. Protector of the forest and sworn enemy of the undying.


Class: Ranger
Age: 50
Race: Fall Elf
Level: 2

Str 15
Int 13
Wis 14
Dex 18 (-4AC, +3 hit)
Con 14
Cha 11

Hp. 19
Ac. 4


A strong and determined woman, Arianna has strong affinities to the sun and to the animals of the forest. As such when she heard that the rangers were looking for new recruits to help push back the undead invading the forest, she signed up immediately. Whilst women are rarely seen in the barracks, Arianna was determined to be better than her male counterparts, and rose quickly through the ranks, swiftly earning the other rangers respect and loyalty. Her mothers blood grants her an affinity to animals and she finds it easy to walk amongst the wilderness with little hinderance from the local fauna, whilst her fathers blood allows her to conjure a glowing ball of painfully bright light, which proves useful in deterring the undead. Arianna is lithe and dexterous, which grants her a deadly accuracy in combat as well as lightning fast reflexes. Whilst this grants her great skill with a bow, her true talent lies in the wielding of two elven blades in unison. The lightweight elven scimitar and short sword allow her to dive and weave through enemy numbers, making both scything arcs with her scimitar and deadly jabs with her other blade. This has proved a highly efficient combat strategy and Arianna has recently been assigned to the edge of the forest where the undead are at their greatest numbers. To this effort she has been partnered with a mage who specialises in detection, particularly of the undead. Arianna hopes to prove to her people that she is the greatest ranger they have ever seen.

Ariana Brightmantle

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