Valen Lore

Smoke and Fire and Mage's Ire

Look, how,
See through the darkness,
no fear, found,
hear for the sounds,
though the world may be stricken by blackness and smoke,
our strength does not fail us and we will revoke,
the life of these demons that plague us, defend,
and send them we will to their unearthly end!

Flames, smoke,
See how she watches,
written, spoke,
blood in the fires,
now the light of the desert has risen to fight,
and caged in the evil with flame and with might,
so fight on in glory and rid from this world,
and let the hells know that our victory is earned!

Blades, smite,
See as they fall now,
To arms! Fight!
Their end is assured,
The creatures of darkness will die in this forge,
their blood running thick and their bowls be disgorged,
so fight on and upwards, yes we shall prevail,
for demons have ever been cursed here to fail!

A three stanze sonnet used during the forge battle to grant courage and strength to Gabriels allies. This song gave Salem the strength to shrug off the blinding effect of the smoke demons breath weapon. Peformed by Sir Gabriel of Valenport, Bard Extraordinaire.


Melfordite Mils

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