Valen Lore

Old bones and Lizard Thrones

The well left our heroes with no clue at all,
to where they might be in this old empty hall,
when over the way came a strange rustling sound,
from the corner in bones piled up in a mound .

Shocked were they all as from bones did spring forth,
a great dirty, bearded and crazed priestly Dwarf!
He told them he waited and hid from the evil,
that shattered his clanhold and left him so feeble.

Now was his chance to escape to the light,
he’d show them the way, but there was a price,
to get to the surface but they had to be bold,
and come back to reclaim this dwarven stronghold.

The travelling companion brought straight from the bones,
lead party to mighty lizard king’s throne,
to strike him down with a magical glyph,
and steal the crown from upon his foul quiff.

When ’last of the lizards had fell to the blade,
adventurers weary so camp had they made,
to rest and recover in relative peace,
but creatures did come on the bodies to feast.

The heroes awaken to terrible roars,
to beasts in the cave armed with terrible claws,
from bears had they come from but no bears were these,
all twisted by some foul dark sorceries.

But never fear, for our heroes prevailed!
Diversion was planned so that bears would then fail,
for heroes would not become tastier treat,
as surely was better than foul lizard meat!

With blade now our elf did twist and did weave,
his sword brought about into bears it did cleave,
whilst mage brought out wand and with purple did flare,
to paralyse beasts as it stood there and stared!

But not without danger for three did they number,
and thrice did they strike out with terrible thunder,
for magic did naught but make creatures stronger,
and with tooth and with claw they just fought on for longer!

A battle so dire had the heroes not faced,
and so nearly they fell to be lost and disgraced,
but the another bear fell to a fiery gaze,
and the final was cut down to size in a daze.

Written and Performed by Sir Gabriel of Valenport, bard extraordinaire


Love this mate! I can’t wait till his lyrical masterpieces are heard throughout the land of Vale!

Old bones and Lizard Thrones
Melfordite Mils

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