Valen Lore

For Each an Ending

This ballad is in Memory of companions lost, but never forgotten.

For those we lose along the road,
Who made our lives the better,
Hold on to memories bestowed,
And words spoke, to the letter.
As though the wheel of time has passed,
For them it can’t unwind,
But knowledge that they had amassed,
Keep hold within your mind.
When struggle rears its ugly head,
And danger lurks around,
Those simple things that they had said,
Might keep you safe and sound.
No matter what our fates may hold,
One day we’re all transcending,
So treasure words, make sure they’re told,
For each will have an ending.

Written and performed by Lord Gabriel of Valenport, Bard exraordinaire.,


awww thats class mate! I’m sure if Dorian wasn’t in little tiny pieces he’d appreciate it!

For Each an Ending

I love coming on here and reading this every now and then. Nice inspiring sonnet.

For Each an Ending
Melfordite Mils

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